Fabric & Care

Ladies, let me introduce you to our fabric – Econyl. She’s a buttery soft, luxurious Italian Lycra cleverly made from plastic waste collected from the land and sea, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial materials.

She’s twice as resistant to chlorine, creams and oils than other stretch fabrics, meaning our double-lined bikinis retain their shape and colour summer after summer, as long as you look after them.

So, let’s get into the do’s and the don'ts when it comes to caring for your GYKO bikini:


• Hand rinse in cold water (using a mild detergent when possible) 

• Dry flat in the shade 

• Avoid contact with rough surfaces that could pull the fabric 

• Avoid excessive contact with creams and oils as this may mark or damage the fabric 

• Avoid using in jacuzzis or spa baths as they contain a much higher chlorine content 


• Leave to soak 

• Leave rolled up when wet 

• Iron, tumble dry, dry clean, machine wash, bleach or wring excessively 

• Rinse with other colours 

GYKO mix and match sustainable swimwear, bikini tops and bottoms, in mixed colours