About GYKO


How often have you found a bikini top that you love, only to be underwhelmed by the matching bottoms it’s paired with?

When buying underwear, it seems like you can pick from an almost unlimited range of options to find combinations that suit you: underwired or unstructured, straps or strapless, pushed up or strapped down, all paired with a variety of bottoms like brazilian, frenchie, high-waisted, thongs - the possibilities are endless.  

GYKO was born out of the frustration this caused one small-boobed, big-bummed girl, and the realisation that it is a problem shared by many.

We provide high-quality swimwear options which truly flatter your figure. All of our products are ‘modular’, which means that each top can be paired with any bottoms. We don’t want you to settle for something you're not 100% comfortable in, or make you buy in black just so you can have that one half you do love - that’s just not good enough.

Less mis-match, more mix-match.

GYKO mix and match sustainable swimwear, bikini tops and bottoms, in mixed colours


We value choice: Our modular swimwear range lets you choose styles that fit you and flatter your figure.

We demand quality: We use luxurious Italian Lycra which is twice as resistant to chlorine, creams and oils than other stretch fabrics, meaning our double-lined bikinis retain their shape and colour summer after summer.

We are sustainable: By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, which is why we use sustainable fabric made from regenerated plastic waste collected from the land and sea.

We are ethical: Our bikinis are made under one roof in London, by an ethically and eco-focused manufacturer focused on a zero-waste approach to garment production.

We want to hear from you: You are our number one priority. GYKO is designed to make you feel great, so we want to hear your ideas and suggestions every step of the way. So go on girls, get your kit off, get your 'kini on and get in touch.